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Dragon Ball Af (After Future) is malheurseument a Utopia. Indeed all left the drawing if against Akira Toriyama. It was amus� � to draw a new transformation for Sangoku, the transformation level 6. From this moment of many people believed that Toriyama and the company of production, went revival a new history of dragon ball which would be located 100 years later. But all that is only one dream of fan, because the production immediately put an end to the rumours. Many drawings circulate on the Net, with new transformations but all this drawings are only works of fan. The only official drawing returning in no history being that Ci.

Dragonball AF Story Line - In Dragon Ball AF Raditz is back as a Super Saiyan even goes SSJ 3, Frieza and Cooler fuse, Cell absorbs Android 8, Goku goes Super Saiyan level 5 and then 6 also Goku learns how to fuse with 3 people. The AF is supposed to stand for either After Future, Alternate Future, or Another Future (or Absolutely Fictional!). To find out info on Dragonball AF in detail

I told you about the basics on the previous page and now we'll go into the detail of Dragonball AF.

DBAF takes place around 120 years after the Frieza Saga. At this time Goku is off going from planet to planet training and he comes across one planet which looks absolutely beautiful, he goes onto this planet for training and finds that all the people there look perfect, and also the gravity is 1000 times that of earths so he figures its ideal for training for a little while. He also meets this stunningly beautiful woman there who try's to seduce Goku however Goku resists because of his heart belonging to Chi-chi, she senses this but makes love to him in his dreams. Shortly after Goku leaves the planet and as he leaves, the planet turns into silver and it disappears totally as well as everyone who inhabited it! Since the woman was a god and created a perfect illusion for Goku she also sensed how powerful he was, she wanted to have his baby and create the ultimate being. Anyway around 120 years later she gives birth to a child named Xicer who is naturally born as a super Saiyan 5 and is 1 year old, since he is half god and half Saiyan he is the ultimate being however he is pretty much useless as he needs to be trained by someone great, his father obviously, Goku, so he goes off in search of his real father to be trained by him and become the greatest warrior in the universe from which his mother wants him to be.

More information about Dragonball AF.

300 years ago goku ,gohan died but where considered ultimate ancestors because of there power levels, goten was still live and well cause him and trunks where equal strength and granted eternal life from dende. They had all seven dragonballs plus the alfa ball. for a while and soon decided to wish back Goku, Gohan Vegeta Andriod 16 And Shella(trunks daughter) they do that but then a dude called boronks comes(ally like vegeta) and is angry he didn't get his wish to be the strongest ever! So then he fights goku and goku gets pounded and was on the verge of dieing again but gotten level 5 gets angry(as he does) and fuses with goten level 5 and creates Gotenks(the dude with red hair) level 5 and takes on boronks but also gets a pounding but eventully get the fusion earrings from dende and fuses also with gohan level 5 (the new created airings allows up to 3 fuses!) and creates hantenks-the ultimate version and gives boronks a pounding, then they take the airings off and calm down the talk to boronks and then eventually decide to become allies (boronks is still pretty dodgey!, like vegeta).

Here are a bunch of rumors:

1. There are 6 super saiyan levels

2. New fusion earrings wear created (fusion with up to 3 people!)

3. Goten has had a new born baby!

4. Boronks is a huge guy bigger than brolly he is a SSJ3 and is anxious to be stronger than Ancestor Goku SSJ5 but Goku still has level 6!

5. Everyone fuses and become gohnvegpandenpicclhurclegotentrunktenks.

6. Nothing is in production, and nothing is planned. There is no Dragonball AF. Most rumors of a new series come from fan manga drawn in Japan, otherwise known as "doujinshi." Generally, these comics are very well-drawn, and can easily be mistaken for Toriyama's work. However, they are fan-made, and are not considered a part of the DB universe.

7. It's a Spanish comic book they are making a cartoon version for the US

8. Vegeta and Trunks Fuse

8. Gotenks goes SSJ4,

9. Gohan becomes another form of Mystic Saiyan.

10. Goku has the power of the dragonballs and can grant wishes like the Dragon.

11. Goku reaches Super Saiyan level 5 The power he receives is too much for him, and he becomes the bad guy. In DBAF Vegeta gets to play the good guy trying to stop "the evil Goku".

13. They will be making around 250 episodes.

14. In DBAF Vegeta goes ssj5 and 6 and becomes the strongest.

15. DBAF is in Portugal, Italy and in Japan.



The history of Ball Dragoon is divided in three great Sagas or Halves, First Ball Dragoon is there where we know by first you see small Goku since it is with Bulma (Bulma was looking for Balls Dragoon), she tries to obtain the Dragoon Ball de Goku but does not occur against the account it of which it thinks that that sphere is part of its grandfathers (his grandfathers in fact were squashed in one of the transformations of Goku to giant monkey, that happens when Goku sees the Full Moon) but ahead in history they make friends a boy that is very bad to speak with the girls called Yamcha, a pig that call Oolong, a cat becomes that speaks, the teacher of Goku Roachi Masters, another one of the students of the teacher of called Goku Krillin. Possibly all (or almost all in the series) find out the power of the Ball Dragoon that is that when your you manage to obtain them all a called Dragoon Shelong mates and it gives a desire you (what your you want) and all a great race becomes by that has control of these mystical and powerful spheres.

After this Dragoon Ball Z, (the Z is of Z Fighters or Peleadores Z) there either the personages are much more great and Goku or this married with Chichi (the small girl in Ball Dragoon). He takes several episodes in which two arrive new Saiyasn called Napa and Vegeta. Eloos possibly arrives and Goku always I feel the hero wins to him to all and “the Safe Earth another one you see of total destruction”. Soon the Z Fighters travels to the Namek Planet and there Goku faces Frezza and mates the First Super Saiyan (Goku, Duh). The desire and the Namek planet explode and they (the namekuseinos, those of the Namek planet) must go to live to another planet (and they do it). But the small Dende remains to be Earth Guardian and remakes another Seth of Balls Dragoon. Soon we have the saga of the Androids, that are 17, 18 and 19 but that you would apresen they are killed/absorbed by badly a Cell call. there they appear the Cell Games where all train to protect the planet in this aid. first Super Saiyan 2 mates! Goku…. Hope is not Goku is GOHAN! he is the one that wins to him to Cell and the order returns another one you see the Earth. Soon we have the Saga of Buu where a piece of rubber mates to chew clearing that it wants to destroy the planet.

Finally we have Dragoon Ball GT, in this series the personages are much more adult and already know many techniques new is there donates arrive Super Saiyan 4 (but that he is but in the end) this series begins whereupon Goku is turned a boy small other you see (as in the first saga Ball Dragoon) (I am not going to say to them that turned them thus: P) but Goku, Pan and Trunks goes in a spaceship in search of the Balls Dragoon to recover to Goku to their normal size.

Dragoon Ball high frequency

For already more or less 2 years, the rumor on the creation of a new sequel has been beginning on Ball Dragoon, series that would take the title of Dragoon Ball high frequency. Of days for here, I have run into with very many sites, and more than nothing with people who therefore, speak of the series, but mainly, a series of doubts and curiosities wake up to them. Next it will be spoken clearly of which it is in fact DBall high frequency.

What means?

The initials of this fanfiction, do not have a definitive meaning, since there are very many people who through Internet have left the name that feels like to them. One of the first that was included was “Dragoon Ball After Future” and some others suggests “Dragoon Ball Another Future”.

What is?

As or it had said this to it of Dragoon Ball high frequency before, is not more than fanfiction… that is to say, a script written by an admirer or follower of the series and therefore that it has wanted to continue it to his way.

To what it has served?

He is incredible and I do not mean dangerous, the force with which this rumor of “new series” has given to the return to the world an interminable amount of times. Days ago it tried to investigate a little on the diverse versions that have occurred on Dragoon Ball high frequency, and the amount of sites that there are very is elevated (practically all with the same information). Until the sites most prestigious Americans have a section dedicated specially to speak on this, but with the idea not to help to the visitors saying their original origin, but to use it as “springboard” and to increase its visits… and at the end of everything, bad inquires to the visitor. That is to say, one makes sure without tests one and thousand times that the series will continue and test with images malísimas…

What has been said of high frequency?

I have been then with sites of the network, where I have seen true insults the work of Akira Toriyama. They were images created by followers ( '') of the series that totally was truncated, or malísimos assemblies that suggest the decay of Ball Dragoon more than their pursuit. I talk about to a Majin Boo with SSJ hair (a new personage…) a Vejita SSJ 3 (already they will imagine from where the hair was taken) a Bread to which one vulgarly painted the hair of yellow and some others with very simple effects that… supposedly they present a personage different (more obvious that that cannot be and is not possible that things thus are credible for true followers of DBall…)

Well, one assumes that the series of Dragoon Ball high frequency would divide in two sagas the first who would be called “Evil Goku” and one second that would be the one of “Kaarat” where a series of things is included that give to returns the head me, because they are totally incoherent, absurd and exaggerated. To, or the people who happened this to them, also they put a definitive number with respect to the episodes, mentioning frightful numbers like 350 and worse still 650.

The rumor more hard arrived the moment at which a site, added an image of a Gokuu SSJ5 that included initials high frequency exactly. The drawing made by this follower of the series, is of a style similar to the one of Toriyama therefore has a quite remarkable quality. From that moment, one began to invent dates of exit, the parts in which one would divide the series, the number of episodes and the personages. Between some of them the reappearance of Vejita was mentioned Jr. and Gokuu Jr.

And with that site… many others have been united and added unfounded things, where we found “binoculars” of Gokuu, a reappearance of Raditz, a Barduck SSJ, a Trunks SSJ 4, a mystical Gohan 2, a Bread SSJ, truely stupid Gotenks SSJ4 and things where apparently, the one that say or put nastinesses more is the one that leaves beneficiary more. The worse thing of everything was when I saw that there would be a 10 Gokuu SSJ and daring to add that the SSJ5 would have a power of fight of 1000000000.

Others say more:

Also, I have seen that… supposedly, DBall high frequency is a series 100% North American who does not have the right from Akira Toriyama and who is transmitting itself by “a private” channel. Ah! single it lacked that that was added. Since some is no test that that series exists, then the ways are restricted putting first that are American, as soon as private and in the end that without rights.

And well?

What it has happened then… is that we have been victims of people who have used our affection to the series and they have occurred to know by the network, whichever nastiness to them has gone saying through the mind that would come a new part from Ball Dragoon and that it gives like result that many people are confused and other that very are benefitted.

I believe that for these exageraciones, one would be due to add then… made by “X” person and then it would be taken as they fan that it wants to continue the series to his way, and not to say then that super it is confirmed by Akira Toriyama, the rights of Toei and etc etc.

Each one can think as it wants nor idea if this of DB high frequency is a saga dragoon slug ball or if fanfiction is one but it knows very little if habria were original or many news in pages of animates since it is a very popular series but I do not see any according to them the function of chancha and tenshihan

super radiz saiyajin something estraño since he was dead?

a little credible gohan saiyajin 4 something although the hair assumes that

in that phase it grows drastically and it changes his form

goku super saiyajin phase 15 something impossible since this hard spear the phase 5 that comes being super saiyan gold

according to which they say trunks phase 4

this goku is one of the evil

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