Bui Doi Cho Lon

 A scene from "Bui doi Cho Lon" (Life on Chinatown"s Streets).

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The action movie, which was banned from distribution in Vietphái nam on June 7, has gone viral online.

One month after being banned from distribution in Vietnam, a full unedited version of a violent action movie about gangs in Ho Chi Minh City"s Chinatown has gone viral online.

An 87-minute Clip clip claiming lớn be the full version of "Bui doi Cho Lon" (Life on Chinatown"s Streets), directed by Charlie Nguyen, first appeared on YouTube Friday morning.

The clip carries the logos of the film"s producers & distributers.

Although the clip was removed from YouTube around noon, it had already been uploaded khổng lồ different servers & distributed to numerous websites as downloadable link. The liên kết have been shared on various social networking sites.

Speaking lớn Thanh Nien, a representative sầu of Galaxy Cineplex one of the film"s producers said the uploaded clip is an unedited version of the movie, và that they have sầu filed complaints with related agencies, asking them khổng lồ identify who uploaded it.

The uploading represents "a violation of Vietnam"s laws and damage khổng lồ the prestige as well as economic well-being of companies that produced the film," the spokesperson said.

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The National Cinema Department under the Ministry of Culture, Sports và Tourism, which banned the film from being distributed, including screenings, has yet to lớn comment, Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper reported Saturday.

The ministry"s inspectors said the problem of illegal uploading on the Internet should be tackled by the Ministry of Information và Communications, the newspaper reported.


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In the meantime, Nguyen, the director, told the press that he was "shocked" and "painfully saddened as if his child were being killed," upon learning of the situation.

He said in addition khổng lồ issues related to intellectual property and profits, the spread of the unedited version of his film will cause "dangerous consequences."

Viewers will assess the film"s unique based on the Clip clip, which is a "very bad draft version," according khổng lồ Nguyen.

The production crew spent lots of effort and money lớn complete the work, but after watching the clip, audiences will suspect its chất lượng and the crew"s efforts, he added. "It will lead lớn undeserved disappointment aao ước movie lovers."

Calling those responsible "ill-informed" và "ruthless," the Vietnamese-American director said he hoped they would soon be identified and punished in accordance with relevant laws.

Produced for US$500,000, the movie was scheduled lớn premier in Vietphái nam on April 19, but a censorship committee with the cinema department objected on the grounds that it was too violent.

After being reedited with 15 minutes of fight scenes cut, the film was resubmitted.

However, on June 7, it was announced that the film would be permanently banned from every means of distribution.