Grand theft auto’s remastered iii, vice city, san andreas trilogy radio stations detailed

Rockstar Games’ new Definitive Edition collection includes improved versions of the games. Here’s what’s on each game’s radio stations.

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Tomorrow (November 11), Rockstar Games will launch Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. The comprehensive collection includes Grand Theft tự động hóa III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, each one enhanced with new features. The Definite Edition will include the classic soundtracks và radio stations for each game, featuring tracks by Blondie, Grandmaster Flash và The Furious Five, Run-D.M.C., David Bowie, N.W.A., Toots & the Maytals, Royce da 5'9", Depeche Mode, and many others. Plus, there are stations hosted by Stretch Armstrong, Axl Rose, Chuck D, George Clinton, and more. Below, kiểm tra out a comprehensive các mục of the Definitive Edition stations và soundtracks.

Rockstar Games has claimed that the Definitive Edition releases retain the same soundtracks as the games’ 2014 re-releases, notably excluding songs featured in the original games. Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” Ozzy Osbourne’s “Bark at the Moon,” Kate Bush’s “Wow,” & Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit,” for example, don’t appear on the new Vice City remaster. In addition, San Andreas appears lớn no longer feature Gap Band’s “You Dropped a Bomb on Me,” N.W.A.’s “Express Yourself,” và Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name,” among others.

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The source music for The Definitive Edition, as well as the ambient effects, will playback at 44.1 kHz now, too, with 5.1 surround available. The trilogy will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Rockstar Games Launcher.

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Grand Theft tự động III:

Double Clef FM | DJ – Morgan Merryweather (Gerry Cosgrove):

01 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: “Non più andrai farfallone amoroso”02 Giacomo Puccini: “O mio babbino caro”03 Giuseppe Verdi: “Libiamo ne’ lieti calici”04 Gaetano Donizetti: “Chi mi frena in tal momento05 Giuseppe Verdi: “La donna trần mobile”06 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: “Finch'han del vino”

K-Jah | DJ – Horace “The Pacifist” Walsh (Herman Stephens):

01 Scientist: “Dance of the Vampires”02 Scientist: “Your Teeth in My Neck”03 Scientist: “The Corpse Rises”04 Scientist: “The Mummy’s Shroud”05 Scientist: “Plague of Zombies”

Rise FM | DJ — Andre “The Accelerator” (André):

01 Chris Walsh & Dave Beran: “Shake (Revolt Clogrock Remix)”02 Shiver: “Deep Time”03 R.R.D.S.: “Innerbattle”04 Slyder: “Score (Original Mix) (2000)”05 Slyder: “Neo (The One) (2000)”

Lips 106 | DJs — Cliff Lane (Ed McMann) & Andee (Shelley Miller):

01 Marydancin: “Wash Him Off”02 Fatamarse: “Bump khổng lồ the Music”03 April’s in Paris: “Feels lượt thích I Just Can’t Take No More”04 Lucy: “Forever”05 Boyz 2 Girlz: “Pray It Goes OK?”06 da Shootaz: “Grand Theft tự động (1997)”07 Funky BJs: “Rubber Tip”

Game Radio FM | DJs – Stretch Armstrong (voices himself) and Lord Sear (voices himself):

01 Reef: “Scary Movies (Instrumental)”02 Royce domain authority 5'9": “We’re Live (Danger)”03 Nature: “Nature Freestyle”04 JoJo Pellegrino: “JoJo Pellegrino Freestyle”05 Royce da 5'9" và Pretty Ugly: “Spit Game”06 Royce da 5'9": “I’m the King”07 Rush: “Instrumental Bed 1, Bed 2”08 black Rob: “By a Stranger”09 Agallah và Sean Price: “Rising to lớn the Top”

MSX FM | DJ – MC Codebreaker (voices himself):

01 Calyx: “Quagmire”02 Rascal và Klone: “Get Wild”03 Ryme Tyme: “Judgement Day”04 Hex: “Force”05 Omni Trio: “First Contact”06 Aquasky: “Spectre”07 Rascal & Klone: “Winner Takes All”08 Ryme Tyme: “T Minus”09 nCode: “Spasm”10 D. Kay: “Monolith”11 Dom & Ryme Tyme: “Iceberg”

Head Radio | DJ – Michael Hunt (Russ Mottla):

01 Dil-Don’t: “Stripe Summer”02 Whatever: “Good Thing”03 Craig Gray: “Fade Away”04 Conor & Jay: “Change”05 Frankie Fame: “See Through You”06 Scatwerk: “Electronic Go Go”07 Dezma: “Life Is But a Mere Supply”

Flashback 95.6 | DJ – Toni (Maria Chambers):

01 Debbie Harry: “Rush Rush”02 Elizabeth Daily: “Shake It Up”03 Paul Engemann: “Scarface (Push It khổng lồ the Limit)”04 Amy Holland: “She’s on Fire”05 Elizabeth Daily: “I’m Hot Tonight”