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Title: 兵器のヒーロー (Heiki no hero)

Air date: December 24th, 2017

Written by: Shogo Muto

Directed by: Kyohei Yamaguchi



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I liked how they dealt with this being an episode near Christmas

"We're going to vị the recap lớn jingle bells!.... Fuck it, everything's too far gone lớn shit, let's just get going with this episode."

Love the resolution of Sento. He is neither Katsuragi nor Sato but he is Kiryu Sento the narcissistic genius who protects people.

And man I really want khổng lồ know what is in Soichi mind right now. Does he want a unity of nhật bản by destroying & declaring War ala Ozymandias in Watchmen.

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Soichi/Stalk is unpredictable. He's like the puppet master và fiddling with everyone. Very interested to lớn see what happens to him. Hopefully the final villain!

I would also argue that this episode was the beginning of the second arc. Everything we were introduced khổng lồ from episode 1 was finally solved and then we're introduced to a huge new plot event, being the war.

Also waiting for a Spider equivalent version of Rogue and Stark. ;P

The spider equivalent of the Transteam riders is mostly likely not going lớn be a reality anymore, but here is a conceptualisation from someone on Twitter, I think it looks amazing: https://twitter.com/cjhmltfjxat/status/944200288017059840

I was thinking of the exact same thing as you said regarding Ep 1 lớn 16 being the first arc of this season. Not only is the first arc phenomenal, it leaves me wanting for more!

Soichi is like KR's Ardyn Izunia. Massive troll with a background tightly shared with the protagonist, is evil because shit & giggles at the beginning. Man, I really love villains who trolls everyone.

So much khổng lồ look forward to lớn next episode.... Grease and Cross-Z Charge oh baby. The hype will never kết thúc with Build. Truly the gift that keeps on giving.

The only Kamen Rider series that make me look forward lớn watching the recap at the start of each episodes. Blood stalk start to become a worse asshole than Shin Dan Kurono :) By the way, thank god nobody dies this Christmas.

I hope blood stalk doesn't turn good. It's been long since we had a great villain lượt thích him