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Welcome readers, to the OPP Editorial Team Manga reviews Recap Thing (patent pending!). These review recaps are meant to give readers of the site a concise write-up of what happened in One Piece this week, along with our thoughts on the chapter as a whole.

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Before we begin, you should all be afraid people. Be very afraid. I have found a trang web full of Simpsons gifs, and I’m going khổng lồ abuse the crap out of it.


In this chapter, Pedro acts mysterious once again, hinting at a past connection to Big Mom. Whole Cake Island is in trouble when Big Mom goes on a rampage. Finally, Jimbei makes his triumphant return to lớn kill a bunch of sentient cream puffs.

The chapter begins with the Straw Hats making their way through Big Mom’s territory. Without Pekoms lớn be their guide, all they have is the map from Pudding. Everyone is worried about the fate of Pekoms, và Luffy even suggests they spend some time lớn look for him. Pedro assures the crew that Pekoms can take care of himself, which is probably true but it makes you wonder if Pedro had something to vị with the lion’s disappearance. Pekoms was not happy that Pedro came along for the journey.

While all this is going on, Pedro yells out, “Land ahoy.” This bugged me because the traditional way khổng lồ indicate that land is near would be, “Land ho.” Now, I’m no expert in historical piratey stuff, but according to the official website of International Talk like a Pirate Day, “ahoy” means “hello.” Maybe it was a direct translation? Tune into the episode và maybe you’ll find out.


Our first stop on the journey through Big Mom’s territory is Jam Island. Chopper & Carrot are super excited lớn visit another land of sweet treats, unfortunately they aren’t going to lớn be making anymore stops this arc. In order to lớn avoid detection, they need to lớn remain on the Sunny và head straight for Whole Cake Island, “Even though it’s sweet?!”

Luffy makes a hard turn to lớn starboard. & I mean a HARD turn to starboard. The helm catches on fire in what is most likely a subtle bit of foreshadowing. At the over of this arc, the Thousand Sunny will fall from the sky và be so damaged the crew will have no choice but to give it a viking funeral. Why does that sound familiar? I think that was a plot point in Bleach.


Stop it Luffy! I think he needs more practice with that Red Hawk attack.

By going through Pudding’s the secret route, they avoid Big Mom’s traps. We are reminded of the Territory Slugs, special surveillance devices in the water that can detect enemy ships sailing through Big Mom’s territory. I have khổng lồ ask if these are a cousin species to the Transponder Snails, or another creation like the living food that populates the area.


What are you, you adorable slug bunnies?

Brook takes over the helm, và Carrot goes up lớn relieve Pedro in the crows nest. Everyone’s hungry, so Luffy goes off to make another one of his horrific creations. Luckily for everyone’s stomachs, Nami takes over cooking duty, not even bothering lớn charge for her services. This was a funny bit of character development that initially confused me as it’s done off screen while Carrot and Pedro are talking.

While on duty, Carrot notices the strange color of the ocean. Apparently Jam Island is made of flowing juice which leaks into the ocean, turning it purple. Pedro admits that he has been in this area before and that’s how he knows so much about the various islands. Before anyone can grill Pedro about why he joined them on this adventure, a giant centipede attacks khổng lồ be beaten up by Luffy, Brook, Pedro, và surprisingly Carrot joins in the fight. She even licks her paw, & I couldn’t help but wonder if that’s how she starts her Electro power.


That’s the over of the chapter for the Straw Hats as we transition khổng lồ Whole Cake Island. Turns out Big Mom’s “condition” is flaring up. She has ordered a croquem-bouche, & since this particular dish has not appeared in Food Wars, Shokugeki no Soma yet, I had no idea what that was. Luckily, Oda provides a picture and an explanation or this bizarre looking dish. Croquem-bouche is a tower of profiteroles held together by caramel.


Kind of looks lượt thích that thing I found under by bed last spring.

A bunch of Big Mom’s subordinates are trying to figure out how to quell the raging beast inside of their leader. Turns out a group of profiteroles just departed Whole Cake Island after a sightseeing tour. I should point out that the woman in this panel, though similar in design, is not the same woman collecting eggs from chapter 827. Without those tourists at hand, the cooks are called to lớn begin preparing the dish.

It’s at this point we see that Big Mom is demolishing her way through that field of happiness và murder she was singing in a few chapters ago. She’s rampaging towards Sweet City, the capital of Whole Cake Island, killing everything in her path. She even grabs the sun & throws it towards the city, causing a massive explosion và a fire. We then learn from Tamago that this is a hunger pang, which happens randomly, and Big Mom will not stop eating until she gets the thing she is craving.


Gojira! Gojira! Ahhhhh Gojira!

Big Mom is destroying the city, & has even climbed atop her castle, an obvious homage khổng lồ Gojira & other kaiju films. Also, for some reason, another sun has appeared and is trying to lớn calm Big Mom down. This place is just insane và I need khổng lồ know what the hell is going on with the sentient food! I’ll be coming back to this point later. Anyway, Big Mom is shoveling whatever she can get her hands on into her mouth, not even caring what it happens lớn be. However, nothing satisfies her craving & she begins destroying the đô thị once again.

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It’s at this point the 16th son of Big Mom appears lớn stop his mother, Charlotte Moscato (Moscato being a type of wine). Moscato is the Minister of Gelato, the Italian word for ice cream, & even has an ice cream sword. However, that sword will not help him against Big Mom và her mysterious power. She’s gone full blown crazy pants, like she just drank a super squishee.


He tries lớn calm Big Mom, saying that the chefs are whipping up her dish & it will be ready in thirty minutes, but it is all in vein. Two more Charlotte siblings appear to warn their brother that he’s wasting his time, but he won’t listen. Big Mom then attacks Moscato, và appears to be using Electro in one panel! I don’t want lớn say definitively, but there are lighting bolts and the sound effect “zap zap.” Big Mom may be even more fearsome than we originally thought. Moscato wonders if she even recognizes that he’s her son, but then she uses what appears khổng lồ be a Devil Fruit attack.


Moscato has just gotten between Big Mom and her meal, so his fate has been sealed. One of Moscato’s friends, a cream person who offered himself lớn Big Mom, warns that if he gets scared she will steal his life span away. Moscato starts running và some sort of energy begins khổng lồ pour out of him. Big Mom grabs this and it appears she strips forty years off his life span. Moscato dies from this attack, but his sacrifice was not enough & Big Mom resumes her rampage.

No one can stop Big Mom, but out from the ocean, a anh hùng appears. On the back of a whale shark, carrying the Croquem-bouche tourists, it’s Jimbei! Turns out, Jimbei went out to capture the cream puffs that were staying on Whole Cake Island, & stuck them together with candy from the Candy Minister. The puffs cry for help, but it’s no use and they are tossed into Big moms maw. Through the power of flavor, Big Mom’s fit is over and the cream puffs die happy that they were a tasty treat.


As Big Mom recovers she notices Jimbei, her faithful warrior of the sea. Turns out Jimbei delivered a Ponegliff lớn Big Mom he found during his cover story, which was an impressive feat even if she couldn’t read it. She is also blind to the destruction around her & Jimbei does not even try lớn explain what happened. Jimbei has come lớn the capital khổng lồ tell Big Mom something very important, but she warns that he better not be trying to lớn leave her.


That’s where the chapter ends! All in all, not a very eventful chapter but there were some very important lore bits that I think most people might gloss over.

Let’s start with some of the obvious stuff. We get the return of Jimbei, & it seems that business he needed lớn tend to was breaking some sort of pact with Big Mom. I don’t like to vày theories in this editorial, but I have to lớn wonder if Jimbei is one of Big Mom’s husbands. I doubt it due khổng lồ the way she refers to lớn him as a faithful warrior of the sea, but it’s something to consider, and thanks khổng lồ everyone’s favorite character Dellinger, we know that humans and fishman can interbreed. Maybe we will see a Big Mom child who is part fishman? There are a lot of holes in this theory such as how Jimbei could keep his Warlord status while also being the husband to lớn one of the most powerful pirates in the world. It’s just a fun little thing I thought up.


Now let’s talk about something that really sparked my interest while reading this chapter. Let’s talk about Devil Fruits! No, I’m not going lớn be speculating on what Big Mom’s Devil Fruit is going to lớn be, more in what we now know it can do, & the ramifications this has on the world of One Piece. I want you to think about all the Devil Fruits in the series. Now, imagine all of the Devil Fruits that have a negative aspect to lớn their nguồn that severely impacts the user’s life, ignoring the inherit weakness of not being able khổng lồ swim. Can you think of any? No? That’s because there are few negatives to lớn having a Devil Fruit. There are only a few that severely alter the user’s bodies, & most of the negatives come from how society treats users.


Devil Fruits must always be used responsibly.

Now we come lớn Big Mom and the big question of this chapter. Are her hunger pangs the result of her Devil Fruit power? Or, let’s propose an alternate question, are these hunger pangs the result of an awakened Devil Fruit power? Either way, this chapter is significant because it might shows a Devil Fruit with a negative effect that cannot be overcome. Luffy is weak khổng lồ swords, but then again so is everyone else besides Buggy. This brings up so many questions about Big Mom that I cannot even begin khổng lồ try & answer. Who really is Big Mom?

This segues into a bigger question I want answered, what the hell is up with all these sentient objects. This was the first chapter we see them not grinning lượt thích idiots and singing. These objects truly are alive, and have made their home in Big Mom’s crazy utopia. These things show genuine fear and concern for others, & they are just casually destroyed by Big Mom. This is an insane wonderland held together by Big Mom’s vị trí cao nhất subordinates, who barely stop their crazy leader from destroying everything in her path. I’m getting similar vibes khổng lồ Dressrosa, but I think Oda’s got a twist somewhere around the corner.

Oh yeah! Did anyone else notice that Big Mom’s hat was also sentient và looked terrified when she ate her son?! That hat is my new favorite character!

Best và Worst of the Week

The worst part was with the Straw Hats. There was really no purpose to lớn the scene, and could have been cut for something more important. What would have been a better opening was Sanji and Pudding together, maybe with Pudding talking about how much she loves her mother. Then we get the scene of Big Mom’s rampage as a contrast lớn how others see her. The little side bits with the Straw Hats is not a terrible way khổng lồ spend a chapter, và I did enjoy Luffy almost burning the Sunny down, but there was just no point.

Side note, we still need a team name for the group.

The best part of the chapter for me, aside from the introduction of Smithers, is Big Mom’s rampage. We get to see more of her powers, & the scene of her killing her own son shows a horrific side khổng lồ the character. Wait, now I’m going to be worried about Pudding for the rest of the arc! I like Pudding, so Oda better not kill her! Oh man, this is not going to kết thúc well for her.


That wraps up the recap review for this week. It wasn’t a big chapter in terms of content, but it did raise plenty of questions in the readers’ minds. For what it was, I enjoyed it, but I’m hoping we get something bigger next week out of One Piece.

That’s all for now. Tell me what you thought of the chapter in the comments, và read OPP Predicts to get your One Piece theorizing fix.