Phim Học Viện Khó Đỡ Tập 9

When teen siblings Hayley và Alex enter an elite boarding school, they find rivalry, romance and a mystery related to lớn the recent loss of their mom.

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Based on the award-winning Israeli series "" & produced by that series' creator, Giora Chamizer.
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Greenhouse Academy: Season 3 (Trailer)
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Greenhouse Academy (Trailer)
At this boarding school for young leaders, geeks and jocks divide inkhổng lồ rival groups. But to conquer the challenges ahead, they'll have sầu lớn join forces.

Eight months after the sudden loss of his astronaut mom, Alex undergoes rigorous entrance testing to lớn attend the same leadership high school she did.

For their first challenge, the Eagles & Ravens compete to solve a riddle. To be accepted by his team, Alex distances himself from his older sister.

The Eagles pressure Alex lớn help them get revenge against the Ravens. FBI agents look for a weapon lost near campus và suspect a student took it.

Brooke spots boyfrikết thúc Daniel doing something suspicious on the beach. Jackie gets to know Max's sweet side when he helps her with an assignment.

The secret Daniel has been hiding is dramatically unveiled. Chess whiz Max meets his match. Hayley and Leo's friendship takes a sudden turn.

Hayley gets upset when Leo avoids talking about what happened between them. Max tries khổng lồ impress his crush, Emma, in gym class.

The Eagles' two candidates for team captain face off in a debate. In class, the students argue over a hypothetical moral dilemma.

Jackie coaches Max in asking Emma out on a date. Jason receives an important but risky mission he must carry out at the satellite launch.

Brooke's investigations lead her khổng lồ danger and a discovery. When Sophie makes the Eagle boys clean their stinky locker room, a secret is uncovered.

At the school's Harvest Fair, the Eagles và the Ravens compete to see which team can raise more scholarship money by kinh doanh & selling cupcakes.

Ryan's letter reveals a secret she kept from her husband for years. When Emma turns hyên ổn down, Max takes Jackie instead khổng lồ the Halloween dance.

Hayley learns who Leo's surprise visitor is. Emma faces consequences for her phone Gọi to lớn NASA. Jealous Daniel's temper explodes at the school dance.

New student Aspen comes between Hayley and Leo. Max và Jackie investigate Emma's sudden departure from the school. Brooke falls under a bad influence.

Flashbacks reveal a discovery that teenage Ryan made at the Greenhouse và an order given shortly before the Athena launch. Brooke is led into a trap.

During a quiz game, know-it-all Aspen grates on Hayley's nerves and Brooke suffers a strange lapse in memory. Max misses Emma và tries calling her.

When Aspen's jealousy gets the better of her, Leo tells her they need to talk. Judy và Marcus trigger a chạy thử quake & get unexpected results.

Under the sea, Hayley experiences something that changes how she thinks about her mom. Believing the world is ending, Parker blurts out a confession.

Sophie finds herself shunned by all the Eagles -- except for one. Daniel gets a hunch as to who might be influencing Brooke's recent behavior.

After catching his mom in lie, Daniel compares notes with Hayley. Aspen makes a slip that shocks Leo. Jackie is tricked inlớn confessing a past misdeed.

Hayley & Daniel attempt to lớn dehypnotize Brooke. Max và Jackie start to lớn see a comtháng thread behind all the strange events surrounding Emma.

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Brooke tells Daniel và Hayley the last things she can rethành viên before being hypnotized. Marcus makes a decision that stuns Louis & infuriates Judy.

Leo awakens in the cave. During dinner with their parents, Brooke and Daniel carry out a plan lớn get Emma's White knight chess pieces from Jason.

When Hayley tells her brother and friends the big news, they argue over whether khổng lồ take action. Max & Jackie are caught trying lớn tương tác Emma.

While Daniel & Alex stall for time at the basketball game, Hayley sneaks into lớn the cave & Max gets help from an unexpected ally.

As time runs out on a bomb designed khổng lồ destroy the cave sầu và the rest of the Greenhouse, the students in the thể hình must get past police to lớn make a rescue.

The students at the Academy face shifting loyalties, thắm thiết entanglements & a growing conspiracy as they're tested in ways they never imagined.

When the Eagles and Ravens start getting too friendly, the headmaster sends them on a grueling two-day hike devised khổng lồ reignite their competitive fire.

The fallout from the hike reverberates inside and outside the school, leading khổng lồ hard questions -- và a difficult decision.

Brooke scrambles to lớn keep a secret from Alex during an upheaval at the Greenhouse. Sophie's past choices threaten her current status at the school.

As a sinister plot targeting the school unfolds, Hayley embraces her new lifestyle, annoying Leo, while Brooke argues with Alex about her brother.

A remarkable gift from Ryan boosts the Ravens' flagging spirits. Becca smothers Leo with attention. Brooke makes an impulsive sầu, ill-timed decision.

Members of the Eagles and Ravens team up on a risky mission to find a valuable chunk of magnetite. A disheartened Brooke looks to lớn make a fresh start.

While the Eagles and Ravens compete in a capture-the-flag challenge, Enzo receives a mysterious offer that's too lucrative sầu for hyên khổng lồ question.

Hayley's determination khổng lồ get to lớn the bottom of an annoying beeping noise unwittingly sets a deadly chain of events into motion.

A deadly vi khuẩn. A shadowy enemy. A love sầu triangle. Life continues to lớn be an education for Hayley, Leo và their gifted classmates at the Academy.

After an explosion rocks the school, one student hopes for a rescue while another one faces a threat from a mysterious virut.

As Hayley considers a risky way lớn save sầu her classmate, the Eagles và the Ravens have sầu a theory about the mystery virus.

Leo's setbaông xã creates tension between Hayley and Daniel. Meanwhile, an FBI investigation results in several major revelations.

Trusted with personal information, Becca và Daniel each battle their true emotions. A schedule change poses a serious problem for a shadowy enemy.

The shadowy enemy puts a sinister plan in motion. Later, Sophie investigates questionable news while Daniel debates making a confession.

As the Eagles and the Ravens examine evidence from an attaông chồng, a suspicious text from Leo leads them all to a shocking discovery.

As Hayley, Daniel and Leo edge closer lớn learning the truth behind the mystery virus, their real feelings about each other finally come out.

Time is ticking as the shadowy figure makes a frightening ultimatum. Can the Eagles & the Ravens intervene in time khổng lồ save the world?

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