Rung động đầu đời

Due to various personal reasons, a group of Yun Tae-o’s friends move into his house, where they experience love, friendship, and everything in between.

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On his 20th birthday, Yun Tae-o gets his grandfather’s house but soon finds that living by himself doesn’t come with all the perks he had imagined.


Han Song-i, Seo Do-hyeon, O Ga-rin, and Choe Hun all end up going to Tae-o’s place but he’s not home. Tae-o gets alarming news about Song-i.

Without knowing how it happened, Tae-o gets stuck having housemates và learns more bad news about Song-i when he goes home for dinner with his family.

Tae-o contemplates what he overheard và is convinced he knows what it means. To show her appreciation, Ga-rin throws a party, which Do-hyeon attends.

Tae-o keeps misreading Song-i, exacerbating the confusion between them. Do-hyeon wants lớn know more about Song-i’s relationship with Tae-o.

Tae-o makes a breakthrough with Ryu Se-hyeon but is shocked when he sees her house. Do-hyeon và Song-i try khổng lồ figure out where they stand.

As Tae-o’s complaints about Song-i’s mysterious boyfriend grow, she becomes cross when she learns his crush is someone she knows -- & doesn’t like.

After Tae-o proposes the housemates take a road trip, they're joined by Do-hyeon and Se-hyeon. Tae-o sees Song-i with someone he didn’t expect.

Tae-o and his friends navigate the twists and turns of friendship và love, as they face new challenges in their relationships with one another.

Tae-o accepts the situation between Song-i and Do-hyeon and tries to lớn offer advice, but Do-hyeon is adamant about doing things his way.

Tae-o gets an ultimatum & realizes something about himself. Song-i announces her plans to move out after Hun and Ga-rin decide to leave the house.

Do-hyeon & his father have a candid conversation about the family finances. Song-i heads khổng lồ Jeonju và is surprised lớn run into someone she knows.

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Song-i comes to realize that Tae-o has always been there throughout her life. Do-hyeon gets upset when Song-i doesn’t answer her phone.

Song-i stops by the house khổng lồ return something khổng lồ Tae-o, who reminds her how things used to lớn be between them. Tae-o’s family tries lớn hide a secret.

Hun and Ga-rin have news for the group. Song-i decides khổng lồ talk to lớn Tae-o’s father. Tae-o ends up going on an outing with Song-i.

Tae-o tells Song-i about something odd he noticed at the restaurant và resolves khổng lồ find out the whole truth from his father.

There may be more changes in the house, as Tae-o & his friends learn the true meaning of friendship, family and love. Song-i has a job interview.

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