The little princess who was born a few days passed away.

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Two Prince Ly Hoang and Ly Hien also died suddenly. Folk and history books are all arranged by Vo Tac Thien.

Little princess died prematurely

In 652, Vo Tac Thien gave birth lớn a son, named Ly Hoang. Expecting her son lớn be the emperor made her begin lớn find a way lớn sit in the queen"s position. She took her và her niece to lớn the palace to lớn fight for the position with the Empress Queen in the emperor"s heart.

On the side of the queen, after Võ Tắc Thiên was born Ly Lý, he immediately joined the Crime to lớn find ways to lớn harm Võ Tắc Thiên. In order to deal with the Queen"s faction, Vo Tac Thien is said khổng lồ have not gone from any tricks.

Vo Tac Thien seeks to lớn step by step take over power.Artwork: Sina

As recorded in the "Vo Tac Thien Truyen" section of "New Tang Dynasty" , in the spring of 655, Vo Tac Thien gave birth khổng lồ an extremely đáng yêu princess, Queen Vuong visited. After the empress left, Vo Tac Thien was mentally squeezing his daughter to lớn accuse the Empress of the Queen.

A moment later, Cao Tong appeared, Vo Tac Thien pretended to welcome the king to visit the princess. When he opened the blanket, the emperor saw the princess ever die. At this time, Võ Tắc Thiên asked all the people around him with horror, và the slaves all told Vuong Hoang Hau to visit. Cao Tong Street did not grasp the situation, Vo Tac Thien cried bitterly & made Cao Tong appear to intend lớn abandon the Emperor.

In this explanation, Võ Tắc Thiên is lượt thích a murdering demon king who does not blink, can defeat even his own offspring. But there is also a document that does not carefully record the death of the princess, so the people are still skeptical about whether it is Vo Tac Thien who killed his daughter.

However, one thing must be said that Vo Tac Thien himself took advantage of the death of his daughter lớn harm King Queen. More importantly, Vo Tac Thien succeeded, because Duong Cao Tong believed only Vuong Queen was the killer of the baby. There are a number of events lớn help Vo Tac Thien sit on the position of queen, but the event of the princess"s death is an important factor for her lớn step up the higher nguồn ladder.

Prince Ly Hoằng"s illness died

In 655, Vo Tac Thien also sat in the position of Queen. After killing the Prime Minister of Shanghai by the conspiracy khổng lồ counter, the history of the Tang Dynasty was recorded with a period of "the Second Holy Forest" . At this stage, Tang Cao Tong mix the court, but Vo Tac Thien sat next to lớn him to supervise và all things grew up and had lớn have her consent to take effect.

However, Vo Tac Thien"s ambition does not stop there. She also wants to go further in the struggle for power in the royal court. This caused a battle for the emperor between Võ Tắc Thiên and the princes.

Prince Ly Hoang is the biological son of Vo Tac Thien, born when she was in Chieu Nghi. Ly Hoang"s appearance as a security to prevent Vo Tac Thien"s position is not shaken. Vo Tac Thien himself always hopes for his son.

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Later Ly Hoang became Crown Prince, Vo Tac Thien became a Queen, it can be said, the position of her mother and daughter as binding, balanced, supporting each other lớn manipulate power nguồn in hand. But later, Võ Tắc Thiên returned to giảm giá with his own son.

Thai Binh princess has many political ambitions và many scheming like her mother, but she cannot name the emperor as Vo Tac Thien despite having qualities và many favorable conditions.

Shape Vo Tac Thien in the movie.(Artwork: Xinhua)

According to China.com.cn, the relationship between the mother và daughter is cracked by the emergence of some sensitive circumstances. Vo Tac Thien helped Cao Tong Street khổng lồ handle the main dynasty, while at the same time they considered them the Second Holy Family, her position was considered as equal lớn Cao Tong"s, there were many things that the great state had to do with one hand. Physical. Vo Tac Thien hoped that his son could help her with one hand, but Ly Hoang began to act disrespectfully to lớn Mother.

Once, Cao Tong brought the Queen to lớn inspect the area in Luoyang, Li Hong stayed in the palace as the Crown Prince for his father & the mother to lớn handle the main tide. One day, Li Hong went khổng lồ the Palace of the Family. There Ly Hoang met two half-sisters, Princess Nghia Duong & Princess Tuyen Thanh. These two princesses were locked up in the palace for more than a decade, not seeing anyone, so much later that they were dumb.

Li Hong saw them moving compassionately, writing a letter to Gao Tong, hoping lớn release the two sisters to lớn make them normal. Vo Tac Thien was extremely angry, obstructing.

This story has happened for a long time, more than a dozen years have passed, the Prince"s time has re-ignited the old and important thing, once again, it is the evil evil of Vo Tac Thien when she is an extreme user with Fearless, the mother of two princesses, leads them lớn this tragedy. Therefore, Vo Tac Thien felt very attacked. Và this is the trigger for conflict between the two mother and daughter Wu Zi and Li Hong.

In 675, Cao Tong & Vo Tac Thien led the Prince to lớn visit the town in Lac Chau. Suddenly the Prince died of violence in Ky Van electricity.

Regarding the death of Ly Hoang, the book "Tan Duong Thu: Vo Tac Thien Hoang Hau Truyen" wrote: The two princesses Nghia Duong and Tuyen Thanh, the daughter of Tieu Hau were not detained in Dich Dinh, thai was compassionate. Hide và write to lớn the Emperor for help, then because he got angry. In the book "Tan Duong Thu: Cao Tong Ban Ky" also clearly recorded that: Vo Tac Thien killed Prince Ly Hoang, not obscure.

When Cao Tong"s health deteriorated, he intended to transfer the throne khổng lồ Thai Prince Ly Hoang. At the same time Cao Tong had this intention, Li Sheng suddenly passed away, causing the posterity to have many different opinions.

There is also a theory that Li Hong died of pulmonary tuberculosis and not his mother Vo Tac Thien died. However, in the book "Custody of Justice " by Sima Guang when referring khổng lồ this event, the rather neutral attitude said that "some people believe that a very cruel paradise" , that is, Sima Guang did not give Individual conclusions that show your views carefully.

After Prince Ly died suddenly, Vo Tac Thien arranged for his two children lớn succeed the Crown Prince. But the power struggle between Vo Tac Thien và the Crown Prince did not stop there.