The originals season 5 episode 2 review: one wrong turn on bourbon


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Remember how Klaus used lớn worry about being a bad parent and scarring his child? Well, unfortunately, it does seem that Hope has a scars. Although, she certainly isn’t broken.

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We start the second episode of the season with Hope remembering the last time she saw her father. When she was nine, she used magic to lớn visit him. Only, she interrupted him literally ripping a woman’s heart out. As she was faced with a father who was covered in other peoples’ blood, Klaus yelled at her lớn “get out,” và that was the end of their relationship as she it. But now could be the start of their second chance seeing as how Klaus is in town to find Hayley.

Klaus’ first stop is paying a visit khổng lồ Freya, and when the flowers next to Hope’s bed die, she runs to him, desperate for that father-daughter reunion. But Klaus makes sure he’s long gone by the time she gets there. This reunion isn’t going to lớn come easy.

From there, Freya pays a visit lớn Vincent, lets him know that Klaus is in town, và suggests he sits down with Ivy, the best seer in all of Orleans. If Vincent can’t shake the feeling that this is all going to kết thúc badly, why not talk lớn someone who might be able to lớn give him an answer to lớn that question? (Plus, Ivy’s cute và Vincent is very single.)

As for Klaus, he heads khổng lồ see Marcel, who’s struggling to reestablish himself as the king of Orleans when the vamps no longer see him as one of them. (Reminder: He’s a super Original now.) Klaus asks for Marcel’s help finding Hayley, after which he visits Hayley’s boy toy, Declan, which leads khổng lồ this wonderful exchange:

Klaus: “Does Hayley have any enemies?”Declan: “Nah, she’s a single mother, not a supervillain.”

Not surprisingly, Klaus doesn’t exactly love Declan & when Declan starts playing the “I was more of a father to Hope than you were” card, Klaus decides he’d lượt thích to kill this guy. But that’s when Hope shows up và throws her father across the room. Not the reunion she probably expected, but it’s kind of perfect.

Klaus compels Declan to forget their entire interaction before once again leaving Hope. He can hear the evil whispers when he’s near her. He knows it’s not safe.

With that, Hope will return home, where, DID I MENTION THERE WAS A BOY?! Earlier in the day, Roman showed up on her balcony. It seems word spread around the school that Henry killed himself và Roman wants to lớn pay his respects. He feels bad about the fact that his friends bullied Henry. Hope informs him that Henry’s not dead while also informing us that apparently Lizzie, one of Caroline và Alaric’s daughters, is the school gossip, which basically means she’s following in her mother’s footsteps. As for Roman and Hope, they’re CUTE.

And when Hope gets back trang chủ after her brief reunion with her father, she finally tells Roman the truth: This house of horrors that she calls trang chủ — where apparently a sleeping Aurora is just chilling in the parlor? — is trang chủ to NiKlaus Mikaelson, her father, which makes her “the mythical tribrid freak show.” But that doesn’t make Roman turn away. Rather, he scoots a bit closer to lớn her on the couch và brushes her hair from her face…before he’s interrupted by Klaus. Hope tells him to lớn run seeing as how her father “will literally wear your spine as a necklace.” So leave he does. Và then Klaus enters.

But before we get lớn that chat, let’s giảm giá khuyến mãi with the Henry of it all. Josh & Marcel head lớn the bayou and successfully convince the wolves khổng lồ hand Henry over. Marcel promises to punish him with a years in the garden, after which he will protect him as “one of his guys.” But before they bury him, Marcel & Josh question him about Hayley’s disappearance. Marcel very quickly realizes that Henry is protecting his sire…which means Hope was behind her mother’s disappearance.

And that brings us back to lớn Klaus & Hope’s confrontation. Hope explains that she something big had khổng lồ happen to bring him home, và she assures him that Hayley is perfectly safe, sleeping peacefully in a coffin thanks khổng lồ a spell that Hope wrote herself. Klaus makes a comment about how she’s not the sweet girl she once was, which allows her khổng lồ reveal that she got the idea from reading his memoirs. After all, he used khổng lồ put his family members in coffins & use them as leverage.

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Speaking of Klaus’ old tricks, he grabs her & takes a glimpse inside her mind, which reveals that Hayley is at St. Anne’s church. He heads out lớn get her when Hope uses magic to lớn shut the doors. She is going to get her talk regardless of what Klaus wants. (Next: A death rocks the city)

Hope wants to know why Klaus stopped calling và writing, and he explains it all stopped after she saw him rip that woman’s heart from her chest. “Sorry I interrupted your murder orgy,” she tells him. He claims the reason she came to him that night was because letters weren’t enough, and that’s when he realized it. Plus, he can’t forget the horror in her eyes when she saw him. “I was nine,” she tells him, “I saw this scary boss who looked like my dad.” Hope then struggled with the man she saw that night and the one who called her a princess. “I didn’t know which version of you was real,” she says. Pulling a line from The Notebook, she tells him that she “waited for him for years” to explain what had happened or khổng lồ apologize. But he didn’t.

Klaus says that, in his experience, fathers always cause pain. “You were such a sweet little girl,” he says, “Perhaps I was always bound to leave you broken.” Hope is surprised that he’d call her “broken.” “Maybe you’re right, she says. “Maybe that little girl you miss so much would be better off if she never loved you at all.” She then opens the doors & allows Klaus to leave, which he does.

Meanwhile, Freya và Keelin — yep, Keelin’s back for now! — are discussing Hope. According to Freya, she’s right on track seeing as how Freya’s teenage temper tantrums resulted in birds falling out of the sky and villages burning. You know, normal angsty teen stuff. But as for Freya now, she’s packing for her life with Keelin, in which they’re both looking forward to lớn getting an opportunity to think about their future and, just generally, breathe.

Across town, Ivy is helping Vincent get a read on Hope. According khổng lồ the cards, Hope Mikaelson will be the city’s downfall, complete with sacrifice, slavery, famine, flood, và fire. That is if Vincent can’t change her course.

Also not feeling great about Hope is Josh, who warns Marcel that they need khổng lồ prepare for the worst. But Marcel’s protective of his sister of sorts. Speaking of those two, Hope pays Marcel a visit just as he’s putting Henry in the garden. As Henry’s sire, she tells him not to be scared, after which she tells Marcel about the burden she giao dịch with every day: Her family sacrificed everything for her. “I’m supposed to be worth it,” she says. “I’m supposed to lớn be better.” She tells him that Klaus thinks she’s broken before revealing that she’s scared her dad doesn’t love her anymore. Marcel reassures her that’s not true. “No matter what, your dad will love the very worst of you until the oceans are dust,” he says, adding, “You are worth every sacrifice. & you are good. Period. Show me anybody who says otherwise và I’ll eat ’em.” Yep, I love these two so much.

Now that Klaus knows where Hayley is, he & Freya go to retrieve her, but all they find is an open, very bloody coffin. He tells Hope what happened và promises that this is his fault & he will fix it. He called Alaric & made arrangements for her to return to Mystic Falls tonight. Once he knows she’s safe, he will find Hayley. Just then a snake comes out of Hope’s mouth — the ultimate sign that it’s time lớn go. He tells his daughter that he loves her and leaves.

Freya, realizing she has to lớn stay, tells Keelin to go, see the world, và breathe. “I can’t be the reason your whole life is on hold.” She can’t be helpful khổng lồ her family with that burden on her heart. “I can’t love you & my family at the same time,” she tells Keelin. “I don’t want you to lớn stay.” With that, Keelin walks out.

As for the city, things were looking good until, just before Hope got in Roman’s car to go back khổng lồ Virginia, someone found Henry, dead, hanging above the city. But the question is: Who killed him?

This episode was a very important one for the series: It was the reunion of Klaus & his daughter, & I have to lớn say, I thought it was pretty great. We all that Klaus as a father would be a bit messy, and this stuck khổng lồ that, all the while showing us just how strong – và in many ways, like her father — Hope has turned out to lớn be. And in addition lớn giving us that reunion, the hour did a great job of setting up the many ominous things khổng lồ come. (R.I.P. Henry)

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